Website Design.

A website presence is an essential to thrive in the Digital Age. For many small businesses in today's world, though, merely having a website is not enough. There are several key questions that one should address when reviewing their current day website presence to ensure that they are maximizing their business exposure and promotion on the web. To learn more, feel free to contact us to schedule your FREE online or in person consultation meeting.

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Is Your Website Access Experience Consistent Across All Platforms?

An early 2017 Pew Research Center market study reported that 95% of Americans own a cell phone and more than 77% of them own a smartphone, which is up from the 35% reported back in 2011. What this data strongly suggests is that most smartphone users are experiencing the internet and visiting various websites via their smart phone or smart pad devices versus a desktop or traditional computer setup.  Visually speaking, an individual's website experience can differ greatly from mobile platforms to desktop.  And functionality can vary as well.  That is, unless one ensures that they create their company website on compatible platforms.  Focusing on creating a user experience that is both dynamic and seamless from smartphone and smartpad to desktop and laptop can greatly increase customer satisfaction in your overall website experience and company brand.  When accessing your company website today, from a smartphone versus your office desktop, do you notice significant difference in the overall user experience? If so, we can help!



Does Your Current Website Imagery Best Reflect Your Current Day Business Image, Mission & Philosophy?

Perhaps in recent years, your business has evolved greatly in adopting and adapting certain business awareness practices in your workplace. These may include: environmental-eco-friendly business practices, volunteerism, or even the implementation of a company wellness program. All of these areas of cultural change and business consciousness can be extremely important to interested talent in your business.  Without mention or recognition revealed on your website, especially in your company's career listings or job opportunities sections, you may be unaware of the prospective talent passing on your business as a viable opportunity for them as its become an important area of criteria for today's prospective business person. To find out more, please connect with us!


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Does Your Current Website Reflect Appropriate Content and Company Brand Messaging?

As in any business, Content Is King!  Being able to convey your product and/or service message to the world is vital to business branding and promotion.  Whether you choose to present content in visual form such as videos or in blog format, your company messages need to be heard. When is the last time your company reviewed your website content?  Does the information on your website currently reflect timely information and messaging? If not, we can assist!