Our Mission is to Enhance Individuals Personal and Professional Relationship with Today’s Technology Through Personalized, High-Touch Learning Engagements.
— Kim S. Brown - CEO & Founder of TECHSUITOR, LLC

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TECHSUITOR, LLC was born out of a grassroots movement and a lifelong affinity to learn and adapt new technologies into one’s everyday lifestyle. We are a passion based business with a genuine interest to teach others practical tech know-how.  In recent years, after attending countless online and in-person trainings, we believe that the most beneficial learning experiences are less formal in format and more focused on content.  We observed that allowing one to work on their own equipment, in a more familiar setting, while engaging with an attentive mentor, helped people far exceed their learning capacity and expectations. 

Whether personally or professionally looking to grow your tech know-how and basic awareness, TECHSUITOR, LLC is a mouse-click away! 

TECHSUITOR’s PHILOSOPHY is based upon a passion for people, progress and all things tech. We are here to serve our community, creating positive and lasting change in the world around us.  Every individual has their own personal and professional needs when it comes to technology.  No tech is too great or too small to learn from. And no tech question is deemed insignificant.

TECHSUITOR strives to provide an exceptional learning experience for each and every participant in their learning engagements. We encourage open dialogue and a need to communicate effectively to provide the best customized training possible.

TECHSUITOR seeks to create a learning environment that encourages questions and provide our clientele with additional information that allows one to further their personal learning with easily accessible resources and tools to carry-on one’s progress of tech know-how. 

TECHSUITOR hopes to influence and inspire one’s need to know more about current day technology and the best practices for which they can adapt and enhance their own life experiences. We are all aspiring to learn more and engage our technology in such a way that it aids us in living out our best lives.

TECHSUITOR is focused on serving YOU and geared towards addressing all of your TECH-KNOW-HOW needs!

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Market Findings

Our market research has revealed our typical client-type to be "Individuals who simply don't know enough." Simply put, we provide our training services to the following customer types:

  • BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS & EXECUTIVES looking to brush up on presentation software abilities to "Pow & Wow" prospective clients.

  • HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS looking to gain software proficiency knowledge and know-how.

  • KIDS who have shown a personal interest and natural proficiency in technology (important note: those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during training sessions).

  • SAVVY SENIORS interested in gaining knowledge into their newly gifted tech devices to maximize their tech experience (such as iPhones & iPads).

  • SMB BUSINESSES & BUSINESS OWNERS, IN GENERAL who are looking for cost effective ways to train interested employees in learning new task efficiencies and software know-how. (promotes positive relations and efficiencies, eliminating company churn)

  • STAY-AT-HOME MOMS & EMPTY-NESTERS in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the technology their children are using and to better secure their home network.