2018 "Technically Speaking" Blog Series: [Week 1] - "Is Loving Your Tech Gadgets Wrong?

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Tech gadgets are everywhere. Whether at home, school, work, local events or our weekly shopping experiences; there’s no escaping it. You cannot hide from them for long. No matter where you go in the world or what you actively pursue, technology seems to somehow rear its ugly head into everyone’s daily routine. For some like myself, “a self-proclaimed tech junkie,” we clearly see the infinite possibilities and embrace the wisdom that exists in incorporating technology into everyday life. For individuals who classify themselves as “less-tech-savvy” types, the saturation of tech gadgetry into everyday life has become rather troublesome. One may wonder, where can one go to get the knowledge and know-how to assist them with their specific challenges? As marketed for the past decade or so, smart devices were created to make life easier; simpler. As a technology facilitator, I obviously advocate for the advancement of tech into the home and or workplace, but feel everyone should take personal responsibility for the frequency at which they allow their gadgets to run their world. One should never feel overrun by their gadgets. Again, the fundamental philosophy of its mere existence was to make things easier. We still have the ability to control our time and our calendar as far as when we decide to power “off” and “on” our devices. You control your own time. If individuals close to you are letting you know that you seem obsessed with your devices, then perhaps it’s time to set some time boundaries around its usage. No matter what your take is on technology as a whole, I’m sure we can both agree that the pluses of our smart devices outweigh the negatives. Duration of time spent on the devices per day seems to be the biggest issue. I say, make sure you take time to power your devices “off” once and awhile to embrace the here and now with the ones you love!


  1. Check Your Settings on your Smart Device for the “Do Not Disturb” feature (its here that you have the ability to shut-off device alerts or notifications altogether, schedule actual time away or allow calls from “Favorites” in your contact list, if you so choose.)
  2. Create a manageable calendar event where you block out specific timeframes throughout your busy week where you go #TECHFREE or #OFFGRID.


  1. Send & receive phone calls & voicemail options for family & friends (#STAYCONNECTED.)
  2. Create & receive calendar & message alerts for various activities or events (#STAYORGANIZED.)
  3. Read about my favorite authors or books anywhere from my smart device (#STAYINFORMED.)
  4. Download emergency apps to stay tuned into news & weather during inclement weather (#STAYSAFE.)
  5. Track your fitness & health as well as medical records via various apps (#STAYHEALTHY.)
  6. Purchase items & shop securely via your smart device via secured payment app (#STAYSECURE.)
  7. Create, edit & maintain business application files from your smart device (#STAYPRODUCTIVE.)
  8. Maintain social connections with family & friends via your favorite social apps (#STAYSOCIAL.)
  9. Capture your favorite moments via photo or video and share them (#CAPTUREMOMENTS.)
  10. Download your favorite drawing apps, games or music (#STAYENTERTAINED.)

#STAYTUNED. in the coming weeks we will address via blog post both best practices & pro-tips for each area of our top 10 list…

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