Business 101: Why Focus & Time Sensitivity Wins Business!

Every business owner has their own reasons for going into business for themselves. And for some, those reasons may even change over time. Some initially get into business for aspirations of financial freedom, while others may have a business idea that is hinged upon good deeds and seek to carve out a space in the world where they are can create lasting change. Everyone is entitled to their own definition of what it means to be successful in business. I think, like snowflakes, we each have our own unique definitions of what true business success means. Some take a direct observational approach, only observing a company's overall dollars and cents, employee head counts, and/or product or service volumes.  While others, like myself, may expand their definition on the matter entirely.

I personally view the best companies around me by the truth and value they exemplify in their everyday business practices, from the people they choose to work and collaborate with, to the ways in which they conduct themselves in everyday business interactions. It is always a choice to not cover oneself in a cloak of unrealistic expectations, antiquated notions or societal norms. Successful businesses focus on a daily cadence of excellence, always willing to ebb and flow and bend like the willow, when required.  They are willing to engage in timely changes or decisions when the environment and/or circumstances do not coincide with their business purpose or values.  

First and foremost, how does business treats its people, as they are a company's heart and soul?  How does a company's leadership interact with their internal crew as well as their valued customers?  Do internal employees have any say in how business is conducted, since they are involved in its daily practices each day?  Or is it simply guided by a select few, who in turn, look out for their own personal interests?  Successful business owners always remained focused on the guiding principles they established their business for.  It's mission and purpose.  It's not always the behemoth business owner in town that I hear the town locals applaud the loudest in admiration for. It's mostly smaller companies, such as the small coffee shop owner around the corner from my house; who takes a portion of their profits each quarter, to assist in funding missional trips to impoverished nations and villages overseas.

I see many young business owners taking positive steps towards doing good deeds in the world versus simply making a fast buck.  It's exceptional and takes tremendous focus.  They are guided by being a positive force in the world and they're unwillingly to compromise their guiding principles. They are focused in mission and willing to take risks when necessary.

Success today in business means different things to different people.  It's not always about how much money one can generate, buying companies, or finding prospective VCs interested in buying your business.  It's about timely focus and vision and striving to create positive change in the world.  Are you and your business focused and timely in business practices today?  What business success have you and your business been afforded by being focused and timely?  How is your business like the snowflake? I'd love to hear your thoughts...



(Always Hire Passionate People)

(Provide A Process or Best Practices for Your Business That Allows Flexibility As Your Business Needs Change)

(Always Keep Focused On Business Needs According to Your Business Guiding Principles or Mission)

(Be Timely About All Business Decisions Made ---- as it can directly effect why individuals and/or businesses decide to do business with you!)

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