Technology 101 - Getting Organized: Why Managing Your Methodologies In Business Is Essential To Effective Social Media Outcomes.

So this week, I had an interesting experience that I wanted to share.  Perhaps you've had a similar experience on the same topic. I happened to have a dinner meet up with a successful business owner who explained their discontentment with their current social media results for their business.  They were at the point of questioning whether or not they were willing to justify the expense of having a dedicated employee strictly handling their company's social media efforts. I then inquired about their expectations and asked what they were hoping to gain from simply implementing social media into their current marketing mix. In essence, what was their expectation for outcome? I further explained that simply adding a social media presence for their present day business practices should be looked at as a vital tool in today's tech era, but that it was not an effective means to provide a dramatic shift on impact to one's business revenues. They simply replied that they assumed because they had established a variety of business accounts for various social media outlets (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) that somehow it was going to magically draw people to their website, and in turn, they would be interested in their valued services; creating a dramatic increase in company revenues.

In my lengthy 25 years of experience, I've found the most important aspect of project managing anything (whether it be a rebranded website, or establishing an effective strategic marketing strategy involving a variety of social media platforms) --- one must take time to construct your business end game. A key factor in all of this, is insisting upon having realistic expectations or outcomes.  And with those, you can build a successful strategic marketing plan that can evolve over time and provide your audience with pertinent content that they find useful. At the very least, a reason to want to do business with you. You want to carefully construct your success for each social media platform: by taking into account what your expectation for outcome is, and the steps that will require you to get there.  Establish off the bat the importance of strategic brand messaging by having a whiteboard idea session. This is where key members within your organization's leadership can take turns at writing out what they are hoping to accomplish and what results they are hoping to anticipate. Ideas should be consolidated and then shared amongst key business players so you insure a successful outcome. How one manages each phase as it comes into play (learning to ebb and flow through the obstacles that undoubtedly will come up as it often does in business) is what will differentiate a successful social media campaign stud from a dud.  Nothing in business is ever based on coincidence.  Even topics that may seem trivial at first, may provide value and vital information to the very individuals that purchase your product and/or service.  

Social media is an additional tool for which you have the opportunity to point out why your business is important to the world and what makes your business relevant.  It's not the end-all solution, but rather a powerful tool that requires careful planning and attention.  The various social media platforms allow you to convey these messages in a variety of ways whether written or visual. Analytics can play a significant role in evaluating your content and viewership and what to focus your efforts on.  Your audience will provide you the keys to what they are looking for pertaining how best to steer your business topics.

In previous postings, I've pointed out examples of how one can best define their message; utilizing customer feedback definitely helps in this area, but each business should spend careful time and attention to what it is that they are attempting to convey to the world.  But it's most important to consider the viewer and/or reader's point of view as to why they should see your business as being relevant.

Some thoughts on how to carry out your social media's intent:  

  • Are you looking to educate your readership or viewership on your product and/or service, causing them to want more?
  • Are you looking to inspire them?
  • Are you sharing key moments of what make you relevant or great?  
  • Are you a combination of all the above?
  • Are you wanting your audience to pass your message on and become the purveyors of your message? (IMPORTANT)

Whatever your magical formula needs to be, make sure to take time PRIOR to executing, as it can be the difference between connecting your audience with your brand and having individuals share your content with those who would most benefit by it (creating an organic follower movement is what it's all about).

What strategic approaches has your business taken to get the word out about your goods and services being relevant in the world?

What has worked best for certain social media platforms (visual imagery, educating thru story-telling, cases studies, best practices and tips)?  

I'd love to hear from you and hear your ideas - Knowledge is Power!

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