Security 101 - How Phone Apps Can Aid All In Emergency Situations

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma...

As I sit at home under a tropical storm watch today in North Georgia, I thought it might be beneficial to provide others the tech tools & phone apps I use to keep informed omniscience's the movement of Hurricane Irma's reminders... I was thinking about how society has become so accustomed to hearing how technology has created negative impact on our living full lives that I find a moment to reveal technology in a brighter life as it should be looked at as a beneficial tool that can help individuals and families to stay safe and informed of what is going on around them during difficult, and sometimes catastrophic situations.

My "Emergency" folder contains the following downloadable apps (many are FREE):

1. 5-0 Radio (highly recommend --- a scanner app for all the cities/counties throughout the U.S.  for EMT/Fire/Police - real-time listening to what is going on in your area - emergency-wise - great app for when you lose power and are curious what emergency situations are being responded too and when in your area...)

2. Bring Fido (an app to provide you information on all pet-friendly hotels in your area or a given area --- keeping owners and their pets safe together!)

3. Clear FM (an app to show clear FM radio frequency in your area -- especially good when you are in remote areas, looking for a strong radio frequency for information)

4. Compass (highly recommend --- this app is the next best thing to actually having the real thing!)

5. American Red Cross First Aid App (highly recommend --- provides first aid information when you need it most)

6. Flashlight (highly recommend --- app allows you to use your phone screen as your personal flashlight --- use sparingly when you are attempting to conserve your battery life)

7. American Red Cross Hurricane App (highly recommend --- provides you real-time hurricane radar monitoring information/alerts/updates/shelter information/preparedness information before, during and after a major hurricane or tropical storm event) 

8. My Radar (highly recommend --- provides you forecasts as well as real-time roads and aerial map information, winds, temperatures, clouds, warnings and watches, weather outlooks and much more...

9. Zello (highly recommend! Turns your cell phone into a walkie talkie to tie you to a group of your loved ones ---- make sure you never lose communication with your loved ones --- helps to preserve your phone battery when needed the most...)

10. Waze (highly recommend! Maps & Directions that includes hazards and warnings around you in real time)

11. Zippo lighter app (provides light source that is less intense than flashlight app --- helps to preserve your phone battery life when needed as opposed to using flashlight app)...


After you've downloaded the apps, create a folder on your iPhone entitled "Emergency" (this way, you can have all the needed tools without spending a lot of prep time during your time of distress. Make sure you open and customize each as soon as you download --- getting familiar with the apps are just as important in this process).

Perhaps many of you are already familiar with these apps on your phone already (being prepared is so important PRIOR TO any stressful situation)... 

Hoping this insight into helpful apps helps you and your loved ones stay safe for all future events.

What apps do you use during difficult weather or emergency situations?

I'd love to hear from you!