Business 101- Getting Candid About Cadence & Eliminating Egos

When I was a child, I loved to play basketball. I was one of those kids who was privileged enough to have a hoop in my yard and can recall many days and nights in all types of weather (originally from Upstate New York, so more cold weather experiences than anything else) where I spent a good portion of my time practicing foul line shots.  I can still recall my high school basketball coach informing me that "Practice Does Not Make Perfection; Rather Consistency," and that notion has carried through with me into my adulthood.

In today's tech era, this concept has become synonymous with being successful in business.  Some business owners thrive on this concept. Create. Implement. Sell. Repeat.  Whenever I look to achieve something again and again and again, I know I need to reflect on previous factual events to replicate (not for perfection, but for consistency in behaviors and patterns).

The word "cadence" is defined as the flow or rhythm of events, especially the pattern in which something is experienced. I like to think of it in visual terms like a rowing team.  You have a coxswain who is representative of the boats leadership: calling out instructions, encouraging and navigating throughout the process and then you have the team members referred to as the "crew." Each plays a specific role in achieving the end result and each is vital to playing a role in their successful outcome.  

I think for those seasoned in the workplace (10 to 20+ years in the workplace) we can reflect on experiences where we felt the rhythm or cadence of our work and its progress was positive and other experiences where it was less favorable. What was it about the positive versus the negative experience that made the workplace more successful?  I've found that through my wisdom in the workplace, there were moments in the successful experience that all parties removed their egos, positions and titles from what they were responsible for and simply focused on providing an acceptable outcome to the party at hand. Sometimes work requires you not only to think outside the box but also perform duties outside of your normal wheelhouse or comfort-zone to gain a positive end result. Love to hear your experiences. Share your thoughts on the topic today!