Social Media Best Practices 101 - Being Content with Your SM Content.

So in this day and age, most individuals and/or businesses have been exposed at one time or another to social media.  Everything from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, to name a few of the more common types. And although many have been introduced to this new communication medium, a large number may not have given much thought to the manner in which they engage their viewership.

Focus on content messaging is crucial to embody a stream of thought or consciousness that you want individuals and groups to know about you. But keep in mind, there is a fine line between what should be shared publicly from a business standpoint and what should be saved for the weekday ball-club meet up.

I can remember years ago being introduced to the social media comparison to a donut method (many of you may have been as well --- see photo) as it best illustrates to this day the importance of formatting your social media content appropriately for the medium at hand.

I've always felt that the best way to approach any company's social media strategy is to document and execute the basics first:

#1 - List out all the forms of social media that would best fit your business model (Important Note: if you're company relies heavily on visual imagery for your company results (for example, your a home custom builder, and want your prospective clients to see all the wonderful things you can do in home customization from a visual perspective; then you definitely want to create an Instagram account and allow the pictures you display to visually provide the story of your successful results ---- this is ultimately what will connect with your viewership --- it also aids in creating a lasting impression!) It's important to note that it does not matter how many social media platforms that you use in your business, just make sure you are utilizing them in such a way to maximize your end result!

#2 - Prioritize your social media list (define the path of which your messages, images & videos) & use the donut cheatsheet as your guide in how to convey the story about your business and what you have to offer the world! And at this point stick to a single message-point for each of the social media platforms you wish to utilize for your business (make sure those who are in charge of putting the digital marketing together have this vision summary in hand so that they are able to make sure the messaging remains consistent across all platforms.

#3 - Keep a regular cadence (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly) going for your messaging (without over doing!) This is important as it serves two purposes.  The first, as you gain followers, readership and the like, they will grow to expect your messages at a certain time (I prefer to send out a single message a week via my blog to give my readership the week to review at some point and ask or contribute to the message. I find this effective for my type of business but some may require more or less frequency based on the purpose of the message they are conveying. A good rule of thumb is to never border on the side of "Too Much" as this becomes a nuisance to individuals and can become a detractor for you and your business.  Respond to comments diplomatically and provide case studies and testimonials whenever possible. 

#4 - Always make sure your messaging is meaningful and impactful to your viewership. It's not about you, it's about what can you provide your readers where they can say they want more about you and your company!

I would love to know how you or your company have found ways to create more meaningful content with your viewership.  Feel free to provide your comments.  And if you or your company are interested in finding assistance with your Digital Marketing Strategy, feel free to connect with us!

Social Media via Donuts.001.jpeg