Customer Service 101: What Makes Up Your Seal Team for Support!

Every business whether large or small has some sort of established workflow process of how they tackle all the customer service support issues that their business may encounter or experience. And if this notion does not yet exist in your business, you should consider creating an implementation strategy plan, in some form.  A great way to start creating one is to have your company's various departments (during their regular weekly cadence meetings), explain instances where conflict or issues arose and how they had to be tackled in order to satisfy a customer or clients' needs.  Create a company-wide visual display board in an area considered the company "water cooler" and allowing employees at their own leisure to review the problems and various solutions by department can provide an overall learning scope of how the company as a whole handles areas of concern.  It's also a great way to recognize employees who excel at helping out customers and clients when issues arise and acknowledge their great works. Most small businesses that fail are often aware that it is largely due to the fact that they lacked the forethought, pre-planning and execution (action plan) in this area.  We all know what we expect of situations when they go dramatically well, but most business owners know that a more realistic approach or vision is one that includes any/all barriers, pitfalls or roadblocks that may possibly occur.  It is often how you and your company are able to handle these types of  situations (effectively as well as expeditiously) that can make the difference of them becoming a cheerleader for your business cause or becoming a disgruntled detractor.

Most of the time, a business can make a simple mis-step and recover if the safety nets in place are able to assist in achieving a harmless positive outcome.

How does your business execute what I like to refer to as a "Seal Team Support" in handling difficult situations?  Do you or your company actually take the time to periodically review how to better implement internal workflows and processes?  I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this critical topic...