Technology 101: The Importance of A Technology Belt In Business

Some of you may be wondering, "What is meant by the phrase Technology Belt?"

Simply put in visual understanding: "We wouldn't leave the house without a belt to hold up our pants, as chances are, our pants would fall down. The belt is what ties our outfit together and keeps everything in its proper place.  Without a belt, one may feel somewhat undone or unfinished.

So what do you consider your Technology Belt? The belt of technology can consist of various software, apps and/or gadgets that help to make your life a little easier in navigating through your day to day activities.

What keeps your day to day business practices, thought processes, etc. moving forward, making progress and ever exciting?  

What tech software, apps and gadgets aid you throughout your day-to-day and what's their appeal? What draws you in?  In this day and age, the coolness factor only lasts so long, so why is it we religiously wear our apple watches and read on our iPads?  What drives us to adapt our activities in such a way that we continue to embrace new tech gadgetry, software and apps?

I know for myself, I have so many tools on a daily basis that I use, that its best to provide my favorites by a categorized list.

Here's just a few that make up my daily technology belt...



For Contact Management & Appointment Scheduling

  • Constant Contact
  • Acuity Scheduling (has the added feature of allowing direct integration into Constant Contact via plugin to output inputted data into Constant Contact automatically)


For Personal & Professional Organizing

  • Awesome Note App - (allows one to access their calendar meetings and events, as well as, create and customize note folders all from your phone. You can also attach text files and pics)
  • Notability App - (allows you to create custom folders for all your notes for the workplace, as well as, keeping up with your home to-dos. You can record directly onto your note as well!)


For Impactful Presentations That Sizzle (Beyond Keynote & Powerpoint Capabilities...)

  • Adobe Spark Video App
  • Explain Everything App


For Polls & Surveys (nothing helps a company more than well-thought survey to gain internal or external feedback --- its priceless!)

- Constant Contact (great for creating customized satisfaction surveys based on your clients experience and provides a built-in analytical tool for your review) 

- Other tools that exist and utilized from time to time are both Poll Daddy & SurveyMonkey


I'd love to hear what makes up your technology belt and helps you in your day-to-day productivity...