Cold-Calling 101 Best Practices - "Always Be Courteous" (The REAL "ABC" in Business...)

So with my new technology training and professional services business in full swing this summer, I have had to dive into the unfavorable practice of cold-calling.  I thought it might be good to wet-my-whistle so to speak about personally introducing myself and my new business throughout North Georgia to fellow business owners like myself.

20 years ago when I first started out in the technology industry, I was an independent computer broker in Atlanta, buying and selling computers, PC's, mainframes and midrange equipment (I know, I know: I'm aging myself)... It's a super fancy title for "computer sales."  It was a predominately male field, yet I enjoyed the exposure to technology however I could get it...

Cold-calling was a necessary evil in those days, without all the access to apps, tech gadgets, and software programs that exist today, you had to learn to be clever on how to stumble across a solid lead.

I remember in those early days of having a phone (a massive stack of post-it notes) and a book written from a former Wall Street Stockbroker in New York that stated that cold-calling was was all a numbers game, and if I made 100 calls per day, I would eventually strike gold. Not sure if I struck "gold" but there was definitely something to be said for the more opportunities you put in the hopper, eventually you would have some business that would close.

Twenty years later and with all the toolsets at my finger tips I still find myself toe-tipping into the pool of cold-calling. Today's findings and wisdom has proven that not much has changed (with or without toolsets). Individuals still manage to avoid calls at all cost. I literally spend time trying to catch people on the fly --- where they normally wouldn't answer my call, they just happen to answer.  The funny thing is that to each of whom I actually talk to, they end up asking for more information about my tech training business or professional services. 

So what does this all mean? Well, from what I can tell, those who actually answer their phones, they might actually find out that the person on the other end may have something they truly may be interested in.  Perhaps we should all consider to spend more time on communicating in person.  Texts, Emails and the like all have a place in the world, but we must not forget about the power of the connection with a live human being.  In the end, we may find that someone may have something we may need or find value in.  And who knows, if you live in North Georgia, you may happen to connect with me via a phone call informing you of all the wonderful services that TechSuitor, LLC has to offer!