Storyboard Marketing 101 and Why It's Become An Essential?

Born out of the motion picture industry era, storyboards were a way to help directors and cinematographers alike visualize sequentially the events that were to unfold in a movie. It later carried into print, with cartoon strips and now rests in the hands of advertising agencies that have utilized these techniques for several decades. (for you Madmen fans, Don Draper and team used this technique throughout the series)

Storyboard Marketing is essentially a "blueprint" that helps one to depict the setting, dialogue and action for any concept. It provides a visual representation of a concept from start to finish.

So you might be asking yourself, why is this important to me today from a business standpoint?

Well, in simplistic terms, more individuals are visuals learners and absorbers of information.  Whether you're attempting to make a lasting impact and impression on a specific individual or a group of individuals for a particular project or to capture your audience for a new product concept that your company is looking to globally market, the storyboard marketing concept may be the best approach to guide your audience through your thoughts sequentially, from a visual perspective. You also have a great opportunity to pinpoint what problem or concern you are planning to provide a resolution to, in its most simplistic form.

The keys to being successful on pulling this off:

1. Keep It Simple (use basic language, word choices & visual imagery --- do not be overly concerned with having to revise after an initial pass as it's often the case the best way to put everything out there and then remove concepts that may seem less important to the overall message).

2. Attempt a test run with a neutral party audience (this would be an individual or crowd who is not familiar with what it is that you are attempting to explain --- this way, you will get an unbiased review of what you are attempting to accomplish). Then revise and repeat.

Two great tools I've found to help apply this concept flawlessly can be found in the App Store for both Windows users and Mac users (WHO DOESN'T LOVE CROSS-PLATFORM APPS).  :-)

1. Explain Everything

2. Spark Video (from Adobe)- Note: Below I've provided an example of this software via a shameless plug for TechSuitor, LLC (if not now, then when, right?).. so please check it out...  This entire storyboard ad was completed on my iPadPro.


If you or your company would be interested in finding out more information on how Storyboard Marketing can make a lasting impression on your Company's Brand or Digital Marketing efforts, feel free to contact me: Kim Brown at TechSuitor, LLC (website: at: 1 800 895 8689.

Happy Storyboarding to you and your business!