2017 Technology Gadget "MUST-HAVES"

What makes a gadget good?  That's the magical question.

We all wonder what it is about certain tech gadgetry that inadvertently connects with the masses and is deemed more useful by its users than others.  As stated in previous blog entries, we are all acutely aware that during the Digital Age we're all striving to find the "latest and greatest" of what is going to provide us the most useful information to lead us down the path of a life of ease. We LOVE convenience.  We WANT IT NOW. We hope that in a blink of an eye and with a simple fingertip click we will achieve Tech Utopia!

I know for myself, my personal guidelines for why I would find a particular gadget useful must immediately fulfill two areas of criteria.  That is, it must be both functional (serving a specific purpose) as well as visually pleasing in its form (and in that order).  With that said, I wanted to share a few of my recent favorites that I've come across in 2017, that have helped to make my hectic life a little easier.

As in any time you are looking to make a tech purchase, I highly recommend that you do your own personal due diligence and make sure that you are able to budget accordingly.  Tech is typically expensive, so I highly recommend the following website sources to provide you with additional information pertaining to the picks I've selected below.



My 2017 Tech Gadget "MUST-HAVES" for a Life of Convenience:

1. iPhone 6Plus or 7 series

2. Apples Watch

3. iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil

4. 15 inch MacBook Pro (2016 release)