Marketing 101 - How Adding The Element of Video Can Significantly Boost Your Brand!

Every company, brand, product or service has a story.  In today's business world, and with the introduction of smart phones with cameras and video at anyone’s fingertips, the art of storytelling has become a popular marketing tactic and the element of personalization has become synonymous with creating successful brand recognition for their viewership. People like to hear stories of relatable moments, stories of fact or fiction, and awesome stories of triumph during struggle to heighten our emotions. Appealing to one’s ethos has proven to be quite effective. Relaying a message or telling a story through video allows an audience member to navigate through a message through a marketeer's creative eyes.  It's about connecting with your audience. Establishing a memory stamp of what your brand stands for and why one would need you in the future, is the goal.  Stories through conceptualization video connect a viewer to a particular message. And thus, to your company and brand.  Messages can be simple or complex in nature based largely on the audience at hand, but the ultimate goal is to make your visualizations memorable.

Here’s a shortlist of a few iOS applications that can help the novice navigate through creating remarkable storytelling video moments:

1. Adobe Spark Video

2. Explain Everything

3. Pictello ($19.99 iOS app fee - application is a talking visual storyboard)

4. Pixotale

5. Shadow Puppet

6.  Storeo for Instagram (seamless connect pictures from your instagram account to create a story)


Creating lasting impact through personalized stories and visualizations is what great branding is all about.  One can create a powerful, lasting bond between an individual and a particular company, its brand, and its product or service through this simple concept. In what ways does your business currently utilize video to elevate your marketing strategies to encourage your business brand? How do your company videos draw people in to make lasting impact?  I'd love to hear from you!