Digital Marketing.

[Your Brand & Message Awareness. ]

Every business has a story. And every business owner has his or her own personal tale of why they established their business. For some, passion and emotion drove them into business, while others may have found a problem, necessitating a timely resolution. Whatever and wherever you are in your business, a story is screaming out loud to be told.   A business brand is something completely separate from one's business or the business owners personal story. It is what identifies and differentiates you from others in your industry pack. It's all about what makes you "Individually You" and keeps you competitive in your market space. 

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Branding Imagery & Messaging.

So you want the world to know your business exists and what you have to offer. Or, perhaps you're looking to overhaul your current company image altogether. Take advantage of our FREE consultative meet up today, to hear how we can assist you with re-creating your company's brand, imagery and overall messaging approach.  We can help you define and align your business brand more succinctly with your specific target audience, blog ideas, and assist you with everything from logo imagery creation, to evaluating your business message and overall brand marketing approach. Creating effective branding strategies can significantly increase overall market competitiveness.  For more information on establishing effective branding & messaging strategies, please book your appointment today!

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Online Marketing Collateral & Tools.

Referred often as the collection of media used to support sales and marketing of a particular product and/or service, marketing collateral is an essential tool for any business.  Whether you need a simple company brochure with basic layout, or a one sheet data selling sales tool, we can assist any small business need.

Some examples of what we can assist your business with, are as follows:

  • Branding Imagery Toolset (online format)

  • Brochures (online or print-ready* formats)

  • Case Studies (online and/or print-ready* formats)

  • Single Page Data Sell White Sheet (online and/or print-ready* formats)

  • Surveys (online only format - via Constant Contact, MailChimp or Survey Monkey)

  • Testimonials (online or print-ready* formats)

*Print-ready copy is defined as copy that is at time of completion, that is copy ready for professional printshop production.


Social Media Strategy Initiative (SMS), Customized Training & SM Rollout Program.

Most small business owners have established basic social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, but often neglect the necessary attention to creating an overall Social Media Strategy of what specific messages and branding information they wish to convey to their viewership. Some businesses gear their social media messaging on education, while others may focus on business promotion or a combination thereof. Every social media type has its own specific structure designed to push content imagery or messages (whether in visual or written formats) by certain sets of criteria or measured methods. We assist you with creating a customized program best suited for your specific business needs. We can also project manage your SMS training schedule with your internal staff as well as establishing an SM Rollout Program. For more information, please schedule your FREE Consultative Meeting at a location of your choosing.